The Coconut Revolution – an award winning documentary about the first true eco-revolution


I love all sorts of films and I love writing so this is my attempt at combining my two loves.

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  1. Matoka Malinga says:

    This is a beautiful movie. These people had freedom in our own lifetimes. But unfortunately by accepting ‘independence’ they lost it again. Joseph Ona knew they did not need anyone to grant them independence. They were already independent. That is why he never got involved in it and left it up to his assistant. By accepting this parody of independence the way was paved for trade deals and the mines were all re-opened and the island and its people are being destroyed again. Joseph Ona himself was a victim of biological assassination through some tropical fever a couple of years later. The corporonialists said according to their laboratories he died of malaria but he was a great healer and I am quite sure if it was malaria he would have been able to heal himself. It was this movie that made me realize that poverty is just a roman dis-word for freedom. You know they find people who are living without the need of money and commerce living on top of rich mineral deposits they have no need to exploit and the corporonialists say ‘Shame, look how these people are living in poverty. Let us enslave them and take all the minerals cos they don’t want it and sell them food substitutes and plasma screen TV’s pushing mass indoctrination.’ I mean poverty is defined as people who support the status quo by less than $1 per day. In other words people who are not contributing enough to the down-pression of life.

  2. Matoka Malinga says:

    Damn! I mean Francis not Joseph!! Guess I’m just too cut up bout this whole ting.

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